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Water Purification

The quality of the water used in the sterilizers can also affect their performance and compromise the sterilization process. We offer the highest standard of water systems which ensure the highest quality steam is used, maximising the life of both your sterilizer and instruments.

Our products utilize the latest technology and provide point-of-use puri ed wa- ter for small bench-top sterilizers. Water puri cation technologies range from simple de-mineralizers for sterilizers to reverse osmosis systems.

We can help you determine which water puri cation system is most suitable for your practice.



This system comprises of a pair of cationic and anionic nuclear grade cartridges, for the production of high quality de-mineralized water.

Aquamed provides a high quality water feed to your steam sterilizer, ensuring only the highest quality steam comes into contact with your instruments, prolonging both instrument life and condition, whilst also protecting the internal components of your sterilizer.



The OSMO2 is a reverse osmosis system which consists of a carbon pre- lter, followed by a reverse osmotic membrane resulting in high quality, puri ed water ready for use in your sterilizer.


Perfect Water

Perfect Water is an electrical water distiller.

Perfect Water is capable of purifying 1 litre of water per hour, and has the capacity to hold up to 4 litres of water. Water puri ed by the Perfect Water is ideal for use in all Midmark steam sterilizers.