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Sterility Assurance

Chemical Indicators and Biological Spore Tests should be used periodically in accordance with your local regulations to ensure your sterilizer is working to its full ability.

Midmark can supply you with a complete range of Sterility Assurance Products to effectively monitor and routinely test your steam sterilizer’s performance. We recommend that the relevant tests are performed periodically, in accordance with your local standards.


Air Removal Tests

Performed at the beginning of each day on vacuum steam sterilizers, Air Removal Tests (Bowie Dick Tests) con rm that the vacuum sterilizer effectively removes air in order to facilitate ef cient steam penetration of the chamber and load.

Our air removal tests provide accurate results to con rm the effective performance of Midmark steam sterilizers.

Helix Test

The Helix test is an accepted method of verifying the steam penetration in hollow instruments and air removal capability of a vacuum sterilizer.

It is used to provide assurance that air has been effectively removed from the chamber and steam has effectively penetrated even the most hard to reach areas of a hollow load, such as long-lumened, narrow instruments.

Bowie-Dick Test

The Bowie-Dick Test veri es the effective steam penetration in porous loads. The test emits a physical (colour) change when carried out correctly.

This test should be used in accordance with your local regulations.