Designed and manufactured to exceed your expectations...

It begins with a wide, five-leg caster base that provides support and stability. The star-shaped base allows closer accessibility to the patient while heavy duty, dual-wheel, hooded casters enable stools to maneuver quietly over all types of surfaces. Adding to the strength and stability of our stools is the solid steel machine screw on manual models, or air cylinder on pneumatic models.

The air cylinder further acts as a built-in shock absorber, taking the abuse of a hard day’s work instead of you, and presents a simple and efficient method for adjusting the seat height; ideal for multi-physician practices.

Comfort is provided in the form of a wide, amply padded seat section constructed of dense foam. A beadless upholstery seam eliminates the seat edge from digging into your legs. Add a backrest to promote better posture and support to leave you feeling less fatigued at day’s end.

With many choices, colors and accessories, there is certain to be a stool just right for you!