Instrument Processing

Midmark Class B Steriliser

Featuring a sleek, stylish, Italian design, the Midmark Class B provides the ultimate in infection control.

Thanks to the cutting edge research and development of our talented and experienced R&D engineers, all Midmark Class B sterilisers are now able to achieve even more rapid Class B cycle times of up to 20% faster with our exclusive, QuikSteam™ technology.

With easily wipe-able surfaces and effortless data capture plus a fail - safe automatic door locking system, this steriliser proves to be as good as it looks. Even temperature and steam distribution ensure maximal steam to instrument penetration, and we also provide a range of water solutions to suit your requirements.

Whether your aim is to use it all day, every day, or less frequently, the Midmark Class B range will maximise uptime in your practice whilst proving to be cost-effective and reliable.


Midmark B60 Steriliser

Alternatively, for larger medical establishments or those with a higher instrument turnover,  we recommend the larger chambered Midmark B60 steriliser.

With a wide range of rapid cycles and a single phase plug for a completely user friendly operation, the Midmark B60 "consumes only 3.5 litres of water per cycle*", making it an affordable and ecofriendly addition to your practice.

All our sterilisers are manufactured to EN 13060 and CE marked in accordance with the Medical Devices Directive. For the UK, they also meet the requirements of the HTM 01-05 guidelines.

*Note: Dependent on cycle type and water supply.


Midmark QuickClean
Ultrasonic Cleaners

Powerful Cleaning. Consistent Results.

The QuickClean range uses cu ng edge technology to deliver superior cleaning performance, whilst its smart design assists in decreasing worker exposure to airborne contaminants.

  • Superior Cleaning – Frequency-Leap Technology ensures no standing wave or dead spots in the bath
  • Simple to operate – Prompts on the LCD display and intelligent so ware guide the user
  • Variable power & cycle time settings – Optmise your cycle parameters for your application and load type
  • Three sizes – 4.5L, 12.5L and 25L capacity to match your throughput requirements
  • Fast cycles aid smooth work ow – No bo lenecks in your instrument processing workstream
  • Cleverly designed lid - Reduces noise and airborne exposure of contaminants and acts as a drip collector when unloading
  • Range of accessories – Baskets can be mixed and matched according to load type
  • 3 year warranty – Limited 3 year warranty provided as standard on every unit