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Electronic Data

Chemical Indicators and Biological Spore Tests should be used periodically in accordance with your local regulations to ensure your sterilizer is working to its full ability.

Midmark can supply you with a complete range of Sterility Assurance Products to effectively monitor and routinely test your steam sterilizer’s performance. We recommend that the relevant tests are performed periodically, in accordance with your local standards.


STS - Datalogger

For your complete convenience, Midmark steam sterilizers automatically generate a print-out via the integrated printer after each completed sterilization cycle.This can be kept as a reference for traceability purposes.

In addition, Midmark steam sterilizers are optionally equipped with data systems which can transfer your sterilization records to your datalogger and then to your laptop via a high speed USB stick.

Midmark dataloggers can easily keep track of all your sterilization records, ensuring best practice becomes the norm.