by Midmark on May 31, 2016
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Superior illumination, 1040 reflecting facets and a counterbalanced design make up the visionary Midmark Ritter 255 LED Procedure Light.

Choose affordable, high performance LED lighting from Midmark with the improved Ritter 255 Procedure Light.

With new and improved functionality whilst still utilising the hugely popular design of the Ritter 355 Procedure Light, the Ritter 255 LED Procedure Light has been developed and perfected by our talented R&D team.

With a counterbalanced design and integrated controls for your convenience, the Ritter 255 Light incorporates a drift-free design for precise positioning. A smooth range of motion does all the hard work for you.

Superior illumination comes from a large reflector in the light head, with 1,040 reflecting facets that eliminate shadow for bright, white, shadow free light.

The energy efficient LED can give you up to 30,000 hours of optimum light life, meaning that you may never need another light. A colour rendering of over 95 gives you an exceptionally accurate colour representation, unlike other leading lights.

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