Midmark 630 HUMANFORM® Procedures Table

The Midmark 630 HUMANFORM® procedures table is the new benchmark in patient and provider-centred performance.

Featuring unique Motion Profiling® technology, the Midmark 630 enables more natural, human-like movement that works with the patient and provider for more precise positioning. An 18 inch low adjustable seat height ensures ease of entry and exit for disabled and/ or elderly patients.

Active Sensing Technology™ (AST) enhances patient and provider safety by helping avoid harmful impact during movement, such as objects being caught under the seat and footrest. A 295kg weight capacity ensures the confident support of a variety of patient weights.

Cost-effective and incorporating the Midmark exclusive Premium Comfort System®, the Midmark 630 table has been designed to help enhance the patient comfort experience.

Hand and foot controls are available as standard with the Midmark 630, with optional programmability and rotational control features available.